Friday, October 3, 2008

Spoken Word is Self Expression

When we stand in front of someone and express our feelings about what a shitty day we had, or the great vacation we just took, or even about the great meal we cooked just for ourselves...that is Spoken Word. Just write it down, and it turns into prose, break it down, and it turns into poetry or free verse. I believe that if something is own our mind and we write it down, it becomes the thought on that piece of paper; it is still ours, but we have separated ourselves from it. Especially if it is a negative thing that becomes part of our magnetic aura and then we draw in more negative vibes that screw our whole day or life up.

I wrote this piece after a few months of opening my own cafe inside a woman's health food store. I had a hard time fitting my style into her space, and this is what came out. After I wrote it, I loved coming to work and the humor of it helped me see clear of her situation-

Kitchen Rant

Morning drain
Smells like sewage and shit
Scented candles burn surreal relief
Enters the store police
Pantry shelves filled with clutter
She moves through door, the store, my mind
Preemptive remarks sounding like mutter.

(sing with rhythm ) move the pans to the top
From underneath the pots
Bare cabinets now leave
Wasted space to heave
Sweep up with the mop
Sling food around the juicer
Its m u s i c and n o i s e
Carrot, beet, celery, and apple hip hop

Front door opens, smiling faces
At any cost all ready to share
Buying food products to repair
Some check out today’s menu…
maple salmon, BBQ beef, fake meats
Caribbean grits, 3 kinds of soup
Salads of all kinds….
Carrot apple raisin, apple slaw
Crunchy raw brownies to finish it all

Lets regroup… purely all healthy cuisine

Here nor there… so what’s a little disorder
As long as we roll and bounce
Through the days short mortars

Sweeping around the change
Our work feeds the soul
Merits of this and that
With little technique, just more cooperative ingredients
But Monmouth of grief if not obedient
Covering and disguising what’s really going on…

high rent and bad location, location, location
Too many chairs and not enough tables
Damn to no oven and no menu fabrications

What’s good is the food, company present and regular creations
Counter space seating and talk of the nation
To the end of the day, dishes piled high
Food splattered aprons, needy floors and counters
To letting sleeping dogs lie.

- E, 2008 © All work displayed on here is the property of Elizabeth Stelling, CookAppeal, LLC

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