Monday, November 16, 2009

Urban Poetry Scene on Upcline

I cannot tell you how great it feels to finally have more than myself sitting in a room ready to share poetry with other enthusiasts. Chugging away at building an open mic scene in the Central Jersey area has been a long road for Cultural Art Expression. A venue for individual poets, writers, and acoustic musicians of all styles.

One of our great supporters over the past year or more has been Classics in Trenton. Classics Book Store is located down off Route US-1. Going south from Princeton (my direction), making a right on the Perry Street jug handle, and then a left towards Warren Street (another left).

Nestled in a block of old style window store fronts you will find Classics just on the right. Across from local and struggling cafes and shops, their window is filled with books, antiques, and local Artesian goods. Classics books owner, Eric works with local business through out the area to bring in more business to keep the city alive. A bad rap on crime, falling down economy, and crumbling buildings that sit un-occupied for years has affected how people outside of New Jersey's capital view this urban gem.

I get frustrated over responses when I tell someone about how great Trenton is. People act as if you might be jumped once you leave the safety of the car. There are dangerous areas I agree, but they are outside of the direct area of the city. Many of my poet, musician friends go down there often. The once a month poetry group meets at 2 PM once a month. So many wonderful things go on in this business, and I hope it continues to thrive.

Other venues begin to pop up, and we had our record in attendance this past week- 20 readers. Some young students, literary style poets, home grown as myself, an acoustic writer, spoken word old school, and commentary writers; it is wonderful to see the mix of young and old sitting together sharing experiences, self preservation, reservations, and simply words of love.

Cultural Art Expression- Poetry Open Mic is growing and I thank each and everyone of the members that continue to show on the first of each month. Your spirit, spoken words, and encouragement are why I started this venue, and you continue to feed me with your wonderful presence...

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