Thursday, February 19, 2009

Open Mic Protocol

Honestly, I wish we did not have to have any rules and everyone would just show up and play until we are all exhausted and ready to go home, but unfortunately we have grown and some venues limit us to how much time we are allowed to perform.


There is no sign up fee or charges to participate in this group. Membership is automatic once you sign up on the official website or come to the venues. We do put out a tip jar or box to pay for the website use at and that is a fee of $12 per month if it is paid three months or more in advance; otherwise they charge $19 per month. It is a costly site, but then again non of us have to maintain the site other than go and look at the calendar, messages and other information may be exchanged between artists.

Performance Sign-Up:

Depending on the venue and time scale given to us you must arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to starting time for sign-up, and fifteen (15) minutes to your time slot for time allotted venues. Sign-up is cut off fifteen (15) minutes after start time, unless you have signed up on the official website; then you will automatically be on the list in order of sign-up on that site. If you have not arrived with in thirty (30) minutes of starting the Open Mic; then you will be removed from the list; unless you have said so on the official site or emailed Chef E personally and let her know.

Performance Piece Allowance (music, song, poem, etc...):

Each performer will be allowed two (2) reasonable timed pieces each if the sign-up on the official web site is at nine (9) members; otherwise if less than, and we have to consider at least three (3) have shown up in the past few months not being announced. If less than eight sign up then you will be able to do at least three (3) reasonable sized performance pieces. If they are long; then we have to ask you to consider the other performers time allowance.

On Stage Content:

There is not problem with language of any performance piece other than if minors are present please tone it down, and no nudity will be allowed. Shirts, pants and Shoes must be worn during or while other performers are on stage. What you do outside of the venue is otherwise your own business.

Equipment Usage:

Most of the equipment being used is owned by performers, and we ask that you respect their property and do not abuse it while performing. If you yourself own equipment and would like to be included in the use during events, either let Chef E or Karl Dentino know at the venues. We always appreciate any help in set-up or break-down since this is not a paying gig in any way shape or form.

Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic Plainsboro 2/16/09

Jim- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Looking up the definition of growth a meaning was found that fits CAE in the past year...

a) the process of growing
b) development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form; evolution.

Juanita- Singer

Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic is not a business, or a company, and it is not even a society. This is a group of individual artists that choose when they feel it is right to come and share their art form with other like minded individuals, or audience that is made up of like minded artists and friendly folks who like to enjoy our relaxing atmosphere.

Vito Natale- Acoustic, Covers;
Video Tech- Advantage Video

The artist that have and are beginning to participate in the past year have helped bring alive something that has come and gone over the past sixty years. The group holds true to its roots of meeting or gathering in coffee houses. Coffee houses symbolize a more cultured side of humanity in a sense.

Michelle Kalleman- Poetry, Teacher & Drama

Performing in bars has not been an option for this group. Wanting to also attract a younger generation of artists has been a great desire for the artists.

Glenn Swan- Shakuhachi Japanese Flute

Young to older artist should gather and influence each other and bind that long called 'generation gap' and communication. Gathering in this manner of diversity provides an opportunity to share and discuss politics, music, poetry, romance or rebellion.

Dennis- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Read, Write, Sing, Play, Perform and Peace!

Howie- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Dave- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Open Mic- Robbinsville 2/09

Posting each even can be a task and possibly boring to those of you do not attend, but it encourages attendees and chronicles the rise of just three or four regulars to the twelve performers and packed coffee house every month.

I am proud to be a part of this group of individual talented writers, poets, musicians, songwriters, and performance artists...You Guys Rock!

Chef E, Chef/Poet/Emcee, and has been a long road over the past year, but it has all been worth it...

Ryan actually finished the set tonight, and rocked us with his original material on the acoustic guitar...

Vito Natale...acoustic extraordinaire and our video technician/photographer...

We had a new poet come out and look forward to her returning...Jean Williams...

Bill Korns, Poet, has really developed his skills over the past few months for being a new artist...

Chris a new acoustic player came out and played a cover and one of his own...

One of our new acoustic musicians tonight was Theo...

Karl Dentino has been with us from the beginning and we call him the 'Rag Picker' Blues Man...

Susan is one of our regular 'Groupie' audience and we appreciate her 100%...

Robert Avila, 16, Acoustic Guitar...sings cover and original material...

The audience has been great, and we appreciate all the support!