Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic Plainsboro 2/16/09

Jim- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Looking up the definition of growth a meaning was found that fits CAE in the past year...

a) the process of growing
b) development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form; evolution.

Juanita- Singer

Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic is not a business, or a company, and it is not even a society. This is a group of individual artists that choose when they feel it is right to come and share their art form with other like minded individuals, or audience that is made up of like minded artists and friendly folks who like to enjoy our relaxing atmosphere.

Vito Natale- Acoustic, Covers;
Video Tech- Advantage Video

The artist that have and are beginning to participate in the past year have helped bring alive something that has come and gone over the past sixty years. The group holds true to its roots of meeting or gathering in coffee houses. Coffee houses symbolize a more cultured side of humanity in a sense.

Michelle Kalleman- Poetry, Teacher & Drama

Performing in bars has not been an option for this group. Wanting to also attract a younger generation of artists has been a great desire for the artists.

Glenn Swan- Shakuhachi Japanese Flute

Young to older artist should gather and influence each other and bind that long called 'generation gap' and communication. Gathering in this manner of diversity provides an opportunity to share and discuss politics, music, poetry, romance or rebellion.

Dennis- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Read, Write, Sing, Play, Perform and Peace!

Howie- Acoustic, Original & Covers

Dave- Acoustic, Original & Covers

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