Monday, October 6, 2008

Cultural Art Expression- Open Mic

I host an open mic here in NJ and am excited about our first official public performance, Performance & Art. I am displaying some of my art work with another artist and friend Gen. Acoustic music and poetry will be presented during the night as we enjoy the environment of a relaxed coffee house setting. I can smell the beans roasting right now!

Hopefully this venue has caught on; its free and fun for the whole family. I first got involved in open mic during the early 90's in Dallas, an area known as Deep Ellum. There was a bar listed in that district, Chumley's, and a friend asked me if I wanted to go check it out. She had no idea I was even a writer. I had not written in quite a while. I had a chronically ill daughter who need a lot of attention and did not go out much, or have the mental capacity to concentrate on my art forms. Once I got up on that stage and watch the more seasoned Spoken Word Poets, I was hooked!

If anyone out there writes and feels shy about it, give it a try, and keep going until you start belting it out in your sleep. I find writing a drug of unimaginable proportion. Give me the largest dose, and let me have the microphone...

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