Thursday, April 9, 2009

We Proceed

'Karl and Dennis uuuderly hysterical singing Cow Thing...guess what tune it was sung to?'

Cultural Art Expression grew slowly, but it proceeds with great care. Many new faces grace the stage each week, so we added an extra Tuesday. Finding it hard to say more than all of them do a great job. They are talented. They each have their own sense of humor that shields any possible fear of standing in front of new comers and customers that sit working on their laptops, or are sipping coffee with friends. Even the ones that casually come in to make a purchase and then turn to leave right back out that second door (one stays locked during performance now), and who is to say which door is actually the front or the side?

That would be like telling a poet his end is the beginning and the beginning is the end...okay a bit much, but you just have to come sometimes and watch these guys do their thing. Once upon a time we all did our acts either in the living room, the shower, or the car. Now we have a place to come and feel like rock stars...

'Thanks to Owen our newest member, and resident baritone saxophone player for his photography. As it turns out it is what he does for his day job, and playing with us is just his hobby...sound familiar?'

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Patty said...

I want to know your secret at keeping up all these blogs! Help!

Great photos.