Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New Year Approaches

Hey Artist, and a Happy Holiday to you All!

I wanted to update you on the happenings of the group activities and give you future dates for the coming year for you to add to your calendars. We do have the website for everyone to sign up,, and realize not everyone can make every week events. If you could just please say a yes or no on the sight, so we have some idea of who is coming, this would help me.

The past few months have really been great. Our attendance has grown, and participation has extended greatly with many new talent and voices of spoken word. The crowds on the last Tuesday night in Robbinsville were tremendous, and helped give many of us more confidence in our performance skills. I thank all of you for your efforts in helping this happen!

My vision when starting this was to be exactly where we are now and grow a community of fellow artist that could build a bond of friendship and more. This has taken shape as many of you desire as well. We have had some time constraints put on us recently, having to wind things down at 8:30, but I am not going to let this hold me back. We have too many other opportunities to go perform at other venues that have no time constraints for the time limit is well over what we need. Dates and opportunities have opened up to us through such venues as Mercer County Community College, presented by Tim Allen- Poet, a once a month Friday night event that will be posted on the calendar. Classics Book Store in Trenton, we are performing at least every other month on Saturday afternoons, and another opportunity just came our way, a school in Trenton that works with students has asked us to come and do a performance for them in late January.

I will try and keep this short, but Karl and I both have spoken about doing some performances for adult living communities, and other outreach type venues. Some of you may feel you want to just stay in the coffee house situation, but I feel any audience is a good one! This opportunity at the school would be only a one time deal for now, but held on a Saturday, and they provide us with lunch. The director has asked that we hold our usually performance, but with extra time for any of their students to stand and share as well.

I hope that you see by us doing events like this it is a chance to bring back the old style ‘Open Mic’ and show people what we are all about. I do see each of you as individuals, but also as a unit bonded by common thread of expressing ourselves through our words and music, and that has to be shared with others. This gives them an opportunity to grow and become the wonderful people you are today.

I am posting the dates, and will send out reminders for dates through the website only, as not to over ‘email’ you with them. If any of you are going to participate in the extra venues outside of the coffee house, please let me know, so I can make arrangements for these events. I also have added below a link to a blog spot I set up for posting news about us. If anyone has a bio or other information, send it my way and we will do a piece on you. Free publicity helps!

Thank you again for all your efforts!

Read, write, sing, play, perform, and Peace!


Dates: New Coffee House time: 6:30-8:30

December- 9th/Robbinsville, 16th/Plainsboro

January- 13th/Robbinsville, 6th & 20th/Plainsboro 17th/Classics in Trenton 2-4 PM, 31st/Isles Youth Build School, 1-4 PM

February- 1oth/Robbinsville, 3rd & 17th/Plainsboro

Anyone that is interested in car pooling let me know- Also family & friends are welcome to attend any other venues!

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esk said...

Definitely hope to share some of my work and hear other artists in the New Year. Also, look forward to meeting you.